Our Technology

AccuPay’s “in the cloud” Workforce Management Suite is comprised of payroll, human resources, and time and labor management applications, allowing you to manage all aspects of your workforce in one single application. Each module shares a single database, streamlining data entry and reporting across platforms. From recruitment to off-boarding, the suite uses employee and manager self-service features to empower employees and save you valuable time. The robust reporting engine allows managers and administrators to customize reports, address employee issues directly, and dynamically view and export data in a variety of formats. By automating many of the manual, time-consuming processes associated with  managing your workforce, our workforce management suite helps you improve operational processes and grow your business. (See our detailed demo below.)


The payroll application makes it easy to process your payroll the way you want to. Some of the advanced features of this software include:

  • Geospatial Tax Identification – pinpoints tax liability based on the employee and employer address
  • Real-Time Data – see actual data at any point during the payroll entry process
  • Seamless Integration with HR, Time/Labor, and Marketplace Applications including the ACA Manager
  • Time Saving Auto-Calculations – set up earnings to pay automatically at various intervals
  • Configurable Data Exports and Imports – Import data from your POS system, time clock, or spreadsheet

Time and Labor Management

The Time and Labor Management application helps streamline processes associated with the completion of payroll while helping you comply with applicable labor laws. The system also provides users with:

  • Employee Scheduling – create as many schedules as you need and easily compare time worked vs. scheduled
  • Accrual Tracking – fully customizable and featuring time-off request/approval tools
  • Job Costing – customize which jobs/labor codes/departments/locations your employees can view upon clock in/out
  • Auto Populated Holidays – customize whether paid, unpaid, or premium paid with simple integration into payroll
  • Flexible Pay Rules – rounding, crossing days, rate changes by location/job, etc.
  • Powerful Reportingup to the minute, fully customizable reports let you stay on top of labor costs and performance. Elect the ACA Manager to stay on top of your employees ACA/benefits status in real-time.
  • Notifications – customizable notifications help you keep tabs on overtime, time off requests, and timekeeping errors/omissions
  • Manager and Employee level Self-Service
  • Wide variety of hardware and data collection devices including mobile capabilities

Human Resources

The Human Resources (HR) application is a powerful, multifaceted system that enables companies to automate and create more efficient HR processes. This feature-rich application will help you accurately and quickly complete HR-related tasks, such as:

  • Recruitment – post jobs and view online applications right in the system
  • Onboarding – assign tasks to new hires, including required paperwork, and allow employees to complete online with electronic signature; assign training, post employee handbook and/or other company documents with read receipt. (Additional features may be added such as background screening and e-Verify in the online Marketplace.)
  • Benefits Administration – hold your open enrollment through Employee Self-Service. Allow employees to select from your predetermined list of benefits and submit to the manager/administrator for approval. (Add carrier connection feature to submit applications directly to insurance carrier online.)
  • Advanced HR Tracking – Track positions/jobs, company assets, training/certification (training may be assigned through the system), discipline, incidents, compensation
  • Performance Management – conduct reviews/evaluations through the self-service system using customized security levels; assign pay increases with effective date and the data will populate in payroll
  • Off-boarding – conduct exit interviews via self-service, document return of company assets, and record

Affordable Care Act Manager

Stay in compliance with Affordable Care Act reporting requirements using our ACA Manager. View your ACA Compliance Overview on the dashboard upon login and create reports in “real-time” with data from the Payroll, Time and Labor, and HR applications. Set up alerts for benefits eligibility and assign enrollment forms to the employee for a seamless process.

  • System alerts let you know when employees have reached or are nearing benefit eligibility
  • Real-Time data reporting when used in tandem with Time and Labor Module
  • Export reports in multiple formats including Excel and PDF
  • Integrate with HR module for stream lined benefit enrollment and affordability calculations
  • View data at company or employee level

For more information about AccuPay or our technology, please call 317.885.7600 or email information@accupay.com