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House Repeals Obamacare—What about Senate?

May 4th, 2017

Today the House of Representatives cobbled together enough votes to “repeal and replace” the Affordable Care Act, better known as Obamacare. This legislation will now go to the US Senate, where experts anticipate major challenges exist as the Senate debates modifications to the House passed bill. The Senate will likely make major changes to the newly proposed American Health Care Act, now becoming referred to  as TrumpCare. Once the Senate generates their own version of “health care reform”, the House and Senate will then work on a compromise bill before it is presented to the President for signature—if the Senate even creates their version of a health care reform bill.

Employers need to continue complying with the ACA/Obamacare as it exists today, all the time with their “ear to the tracks” as to changes to the current law. AccuPay will continue to monitor this legislation and keep our clients informed as to the proposed law’s status and action steps to consider.





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Great News for Indiana Employers!

November 16th, 2015

Indiana employers were given an early Christmas gift on November 10 when the state of Indiana repaid its long-standing debt to the federal unemployment fund, and thus ended Indiana’s status as a “credit reduction state.” The repayment of this loan means that Indiana employers will avoid a penalty of $126 for every employee earning at least $7,000 during 2015. Indiana had been a credit reduction state since 2010, after borrowing from the federal unemployment fund to replenish the state’s account hit hard by the recession.

For 2015, the following states remain as credit reduction states. They are shown with the additional percentage of tax owed on each applicable employee’s first $7,000 in wages. These additional funds are due when the annual Form 940 is filed the end of January:

California         1.5%

Ohio               1.5%

Virgin Islands  1.5%

Connecticut     2.1%

If you are a client of AccuPay and have employees in any of the states above, the additional FUTA tax will be calculated and collected on the last payroll of the year. Please contact AccuPay at 317-885-7600 or with any questions.

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How Does the ACA Impact You?

November 29th, 2014

I just completed a PayDay which AccuPay will release this coming week to our nearly 3,000 PayDay subscribers, which will discuss how the Affordable Care Act affects employers of all sizes. For year’s 2014/2015, the ACA classifies employers into 3 categories depending on the number of “full-time equivalent” employees an employer has on average for 2014———-under 50 FTE’s (not a large employer), 50-99 FTE’s in 2014 (a large employer but not subject to most of the ACA mandates until 2016, and large employers with at least 100 FTE’s who are mandated as to employee benefits/penalties effective Jan of 2015.

Every employer should know how the ACA affects their organization. Check out our next PayDay, to be released next week, to learn how to “count” your employees and what your FTE count means for your organization. If you are not on AccuPay’s PayDay email list, you can self-subscribe at

Kerry Underwood, SPHR and myself are both “certified” in the ACA as Certified HealthCare Reform Specialists. We have partnered with benefits consultants who are similarly certified in healthcare reform. We can help you determine how the ACA impacts you and what your ACA options are based on your 2014 FTE count/size.



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