We are Your Church Payroll Experts.

ChurchPay Pros, a division of AccuPay, is focused on providing churches with exceptional payroll and payroll tax services. At ChurchPay Pros, our team of certified payroll experts and CPA advisors know how to correctly pay and report according to the unique payroll rules which apply to churches and ministers. Our expertise includes:

  • Minister’s Housing Allowances
  • Minister’s Self Employment Tax
  • Minister opt-out of Social Security
  • Minister and other employee expense reimbursements
  • Minister’s total compensation (base salary, housing allowance, expense reimbursements, health insurance and retirement benefits)
  • Church payroll taxes

If you are a minister or pastor, church financial officer, or on the Board of a congregation, you’ll enjoy peace of mind  knowing that the church and all employees, especially ministers, are complying with the special payroll and tax rules that apply to you. We are also pleased to provide you with references of several churches who are clients.

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