Payroll Imports/Exports

AccuPay’s Workforce Management Suite offers a wide menu of the import templates, allowing you to easily import employee information, earnings/deductions, benefit information, time, and much more. Custom imports/interfaces from your point of sale system may also be built to streamline the payroll process. Once payroll is completed, export your GL data in a QuickBooks iif file or into Excel for importing into other accounting systems. Other exports for 401k and or benefits vendors are also available.

Imports to AccuPay:

  • from your own point-of-sale/time and attendance software
  • from Excel spreadsheet

Exports to you:

  • pay check stubs and payroll reports
  • custom reports
  • payroll journal entries

Exports to third parties:

  • retirement plan funds
  • benefits census data
  • garnishments and child support payments