Payroll & Taxes

Accurate and efficient preparation of payroll and payroll taxes remains the heart of what we do. Our staff of experienced, certified payroll professionals will process your payroll using our state-of-the-art technology. Our in-house Tax Department, led by our owner, a CPA for 40+ years,  will ensure all tax payments are made timely and accurately, and that any and all inquiries are handled swiftly and with open communication to you, the client. Our single-database payroll, HR, and Time & Labor software allows for single entry of your employee and payroll information for use in each module.


Immediately view the results of your data entry in “real-time” as you enter payroll into our user-friendly online payroll module. Employee pay statements are updated in real time with every keystroke. Quickly double check taxes, deductions, labor distributions, or earnings on the fly. You can even check the employee’s “real-time” W-2 to make sure earning or deduction codes appear in the box you intended – no more year-end surprises and adjustments!


Whether you are solely responsible for payroll entry or work with a team, the vast amount of detail involved can be overwhelming. With AccuPay’s payroll alert system, notes and reminders can be input to ensure that all tasks are reviewed and completed as intended. Alerts can be set-up with or without a requirement to sign-off before payroll can be processed. The sign-off includes a time and date stamp for an easy audit trail. In addition to the alert system, your payroll will be reviewed by one of AccuPay’s payroll professionals before processing is finalized. Your AccuPay Payroll Specialist is  your partner to ensure accuracy on every payroll.


AccuPay’s advanced tax engine takes the guesswork out of even the most complicated payroll tax situations. By tracking the employee’s work and home address, and implementing reciprocity agreements between states as needed, the system will accurately pinpoint the taxes to apply. This Geospatial Tax Identification system takes the full address into account, not relying solely on zip codes, which may not be accurate in determining local tax. This advanced technology saves you time and ensures compliance – even in multi-state tax situations. All you need to do is enter the employee’s address and work location!