Implementing a time and labor system goes a long way to eliminating administrative waste, staying compliant, and reducing overtime; but, to fully realize these benefits, you also need robust, customizable reporting to continually manage your workforce. AccuPay’s Workforce Management Solution offers timekeeping backed by Kronos complete with a user-friendly, fully-customizable reporting system. Pull reports on the fly or set them up to produce automatically. Format and save your favorite report settings for easy access whenever you need them.

Some examples of pre-formatted reports in the system are below. All reports are fully customizable and can be exported immediately into Excel, pdf, HTML, formats.

  • Summary Hours Report (by employee, day, week,┬ácost center, etc.)
  • Detailed Hours Report (by employee, day, week,┬ácost center, etc.)
  • Calculated vs. Raw Hours Report
  • Time Off Calendar
  • Overtime Overview
  • Extra Earnings Report